Rallying in Estonia (under 18)

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Rallying in Estonia (under 18)

Post by Jeppe »

I´m not, but I need to find this one out..

I´ve heard that under 18 year old driver can participate in Estonian rally as a driver. And in that case, Co-driver had to be over 18 and had a driving licence and he had to drive rallycar in road sections. So the question is.
Is that true and where can I confirm this? Is there any rulebook for Estonian rallies in english (or finnish)?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Jaanus »

Yes, it is possible to drive on rallys here at the age of 16.
If a Finn under 18 wants to drive here, he still needs regular drivers licence. In Finland it is not possible to aquire a drivers licence under the age of 18, but in Estonia it is possible to aquire a drivers licence when you turn 16. But you must have an experienced driver(with atleast 2 year experience) preferebly your parent sitting in passenger seat and observing you. You can drive your own if you turn 18.
If you have this drivers licence then you can drive also on road sections, but the co-driver must be over 18 years. I believe you can also aquire drivers licence in GB if you are under 18 and I know that is also accepted in Estonia.
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