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Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to quite new game called "Dirt Rally", which is still in development/test mode, but we are starting a 3rd test season today and I would like to get help from people who like rally in general just by playing it. The game is FREE, you just need to create an account there.

Basic idea behind the game is to manage virtual rally team, meaning, that player will have to deal with: service park duties (repair/upgrade cars), training sessions (train their driver/co-driver/mechanics), participation in rally events every week and much more. All feedback is more than welcome, because we are very new and not stable yet, but going that direction and hopefully, with your help we will do it much faster.

Website URL: http://play.dirtrally.net
It's only in English at the moment, but in the future we are planning to have more languages. We already have 120~ active players, who help us to test the game!

I am ready to answer all the questions you may have, so feel free to ask here.



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